The 25 winners in the slowdown

When the global economic slowdown hit Indian shores, the performance record of India Inc got reshuffled like a pack of cards. But there are some individual corporates who rode out the storm and have emerged as winners.

We at SundayET crunched six different set of figures and spoke to the backroom boys — and we added to that a ranking of BSE 500 companies, all this to see who in India Inc rode out the storm and came up winners in terms of overall performance. Here’s what we found: companies that managed to emerge winners or hold on to their turf, did so on the basis of a paradigm shift — or to put it simply, a change in their corporate strategy.

The winners in the slowdown conundrum that took the top 10 positions, a couple surprisingly so, include Reliance Industries, Indian Oil Corporation, NTPC, MMTC, Bharti Airtel, NMDC, State Bank of India, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Infosys Technologies and Larsen & Toubro.

Following are the top 25 companies that managed to emerge winners or hold on to their turf during the global economic slowdown.

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