WIPRO’s corporate governance

WIPRO Ltd announced the much-anticipated spin off of their non-IT segment (to be known as Wipro Enterprise limited (WEL)) on October 31, 2012. The post spin off WIPRO (W) would now exclusively be an IT company.

Indian Basmati Rice Industry

In this report, we examine India’s Basmati1 rice industry. We outline the industry’s attributes in a global context and highlight the key variables for investment consideration in the sector. Basmati is the champagne of rice. And like champagne, it has a legally enforced regional denomination.

Regulator Mandated Minimum Public Float

On June 4, 2010 the Government of India announced that publicly traded companies with majority shareholders (Promoters) holding greater than 75% are mandated to reduce their positions below 75% before June 2013.

World Tea Industry

In this report, we study the investment dynamics of the global tea industry. There are over 53 publicly traded tea companies worldwide, predominantly listed in the major tea producing countries India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Taiwan.

Jute Industry

In this report, we study the global jute industry. The size of the global jute industry is ~USD 1.75 billion, of which India accounts for ~USD 1.25 billion or 70% of jute produced. Globally there are 12 publicly traded companies engaged in the jute business of which 5 disclose segmental information on contribution from jute. All of these 5 companies are based out of India.

India's Gems and Jewelry Industry

In this report, we study the investment dynamics of the gems and jewelry industry. There are approximately 2,300 publicly traded gems and jewelry companies globally (this includes miners, processors and retailers). There are 45 publicly traded gems and jewelry companies in India, the majority of which are jewelry retailers. Collectively, the total market capitalisation of Indian gems and jewelry companies is approximately USD 21 billion (Appendix 1).

Indian Equity Opportunities

This report examines the Indian equity markets, their structure, constituents and metrics over time. There are approximately 4,147 actively traded companies in India, offering a sizable group of businesses for superior stock selection.

Guargum Industry - Fracking Essential

In this report, we examine the global Guargum industry. India is the largest producer of Guarseed in the world due to its unique climatic advantages, representing roughly 90% of global production. Guargum powder, a product developed after processing of seeds from the Guar plant, finds its uses in the food, textile, paper, and oil & gas industries.