Our philosophy is based on value investing.

Value investing works because it is founded on the notion of buying something for less than it is worth. The value investor has the best of both worlds: upside potential and the comfort of owning a business with a margin of safety. Value investing has withstood the test of time. Great investors over a long period of time have earned substantial returns by employing a consistent investment discipline. One of the greatest attributes of successful value investors is buying bargains when the market refuses to focus on them.

Our investment process centers on the application of principles first articulated in 1934 by the founders of modern securities analysis, Benjamin Graham and David Dodd, in their seminal work Security Analysis (1934). To this, we add what Warren Buffet contributed to the field of investing: the notion of valuing a business’s franchise and taking a substantial stake in portfolio companies.

We begin the process by focusing on companies that dominate their markets and demonstrate an ability to generate substantial free cash flow.

People. Ideas. Success.

On any given day you could find me Knee deep in a muddy Guar field or visiting a refinery. An analyst at Horizon believes in getting their hands dirty.
— Rohit Anand

We cover stocks from a global perspective. If I am covering steel, then I will place it in a global context.
— Anvesha Thakker